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Mastadon meet Monika, she used to be a street dog in Romania, now she enjoys cuddles and free food!
She also likes to steal my shoes..

She's a good doggie!

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"I love it when I get blocked for winning an argument"
Lol, no, I blocked you because you're an ableist prick

Ancap: "you're not a real anarchist, anarchists have the freedom to do whatever want, like own private property!"
Me: "well I have the freedom to shove you in this locker"

"But my NAP" he cries from the locker for an eternity, as everyone refuses to ever let the little nerd out.

Not gonna lie, I'm not gay, but for some reason I still have the urge to tattoo "be gay, do crimes" on my wrist.

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I've seen two grown men use "triggered" to mean plain old vanilla "upset" in the past 2 days, and I need them to stop faking trauma to seem out of control / interesting.

Are here any people with a #disability living in #NewYork #nyc who could give me some advice on #wheelchair #accessible transport, cab #accessibility , #uberwav etc? My girlfriend and I will be in the city next month and might need some help... Please #boost

I've been hiding presents in my bedroom, including ones for the animals but silly me left the door open.

My cat is now rolling on my floor high as kite on catnip

Can anyone tell me if Mermaids UK are good? I kinda wanna donate so I'm just wondering whether anyone had any interaction with them?

Haha one of our airports has literally been non-functional for like 2 days because someone wanted to fly drone around, we're literally useless

The mistake I think some people make with Rob Liefeld is that they focus too much on his artwork

Don't forget he's also bad at writing too.

Starting to feel more and more ostracized from this place, it's possibly just me, but I don't feel as much opportunity or welcome to interact much more. I feel there's rarely anything worth posting and when I do it feels having a conversation with a brick wall

It's a shame because this is the only community I have left, I don't really have friends in real life at the moment. so I spend most of my time talking to myself anyway.

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If anybody has experience getting around Twitter's new, tougher suspension, I'd sure appreciate tips. It's just a better platform for promoting books and making book connections. 🤷‍♀️ I don't love being there, but I got a dream, y'all.

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has millionaires written on the sole of his shoe.

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