I’m really glad I never delete photos from my phone

Poop in your butt

A slow, soulful warning about your butt, and the poop in it.


singers who can't sing are better because you can sing along and won't feel bad for ruining it

extremely important selfie!!!!! boosts more than okay!!!! (eye contact x2)

Isolation, determination, consensual sodomy, and a spirit as free as the prairie winds. these are the qualities inherent to every true cowboy.

i need a robot with a bussy... will not be reading replies

Every encounter with people drains me visibly and deeply. It's been this way since high school.

I'll be in seclusion for a week, become optimistic. Become loving. Become excited.

As soon as I hear someone start talking or have to deal with them, I feel almost sick and the hatred comes back up.

Ally, enemy, doesn't matter. I just really hate having to deal with people.

I can't seem to deal with this contradiction.

Went to a ML forum tonight. It was ok but leaves me more firmly than ever with my lingering question.

What can I, as an extremely anxious misanthropic nihilist do to help stave off the extinction of humanity due to climate change, and reduce the horror of capitalism?

I want to reduce the suffering of the poor and marginalized near me, but I *HATE* talking to people. I hate hearing them. I hate meeting them.

Besides donating funds and time to small orgs (which I do) what actions can I take?

Saturday is for the boys? Only if that means me and my five sons, Christian, Christopher, Chris, Crisp, and Chunk. They’re my whole world I wish I could see them for but Nancy won custody even though she drinks vodkatinis at 2 PM

battlemages are the crossfitters of the caster world.

Wish that the system of wages and work wasn't so dumb. Then I could go home now and just come in when I have something to do. They're making me come in so they can pay me to waste my time.

Major pain in the ass. Doubly so when I know that it's just work being backed up before it gets to me, so it's gonna come all at once and I'll have a couple 45 hour weeks of just constant shit to do. Which I'll then get blamed for not having next day turnaround on.

I've only had 3 hours of actual work to do all week. I feel like I might go insane.

That or actually get some writing done??? I've never done that before though, so I dunno.

i try to stay positive on masto, but i'm just angry all the time now so it's hard. like, whoever wrote this gets the wall.

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