Loyalty is the virtue of cops, enablers, and abusers.

there are thousands of organs inside the human body. some of them probably aren’t even connected up to anything

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You ever think about how the revolution is your retirement plan?

Georgia official takes oath of office on Malcolm X autobiography instead of bible

Mariah Parker was offered a copy of the bible and constitution, but turned both down


a lot of people don't want to call forth Satan, and I respect that. but you know what? I do

Every time I fav a toot I give it a sweet little kiss on the forehead before I write it down and tuck it under my pillow for the Take Fairy

I'm not super gonna be close to mutualism or anarcho-primitivism because my and my husband's survival depends on medication and accessibility that requires large scale infrastructure. Like... selling me "and by the way, you will probably die" is a hard sell for me, folks lol.

field of creams is about a guy who opens a haunted dairy farm

Slapping myself in the face before stepping up to a barbell loaded to 65lbs. I put the bar on my back and lower it down four inches and scream “GET HUGE. STAY HUGE.” before collapsing to the floor.

this toot started out as "if jeff bezos had a dollar for every dollar he earned, he'd have zero dollars" but i got mad

if jeff bezos had a dollar for every dollar he earned, he'd be guillotined

doin a lil socialism right now in preparation for tonight's socialism

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