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PSA: if there's a journal article, e-book, or other digital print media that you can't get because you don't have access through an academic institution, let me know and i'll try to snag it for you.

academic publishing is straight up highway robbery, copyright is a fuck, & all knowledge is our collective provenance

Me, chuckling at my 4-year-old kid who is trying to tie their shoe: "It's like you're the muggle of shoe tying and I'm the Harry Potter of it!"

My 4-year-old kid, interrupting their shoe-tying efforts to hire an attorney and immediately disown me: "Read another book."

this is fascinating & a surreal matchup: david graeber vs. peter thiel on "where did the future go?"

@UTLAnow LA High School Students successfully bargained that the police will get out of 28 schools in LA, the END OF RANDOM SEARCHES and that funds will go toward art programs! Congrats on your #strike wins!

about to watch spiderman: into the spider-verse, a documentary promoting the fringe "spiders all the way down" theory of matter

[ASMR] i ride a train with you and explain the various features of the train model

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'While it is impossible to imagine surveillance capitalism without the digital, it is easy to imagine the digital without surveillance capitalism. The point cannot be emphasised enough: surveillance capitalism is not technology. Digital technologies can take many forms and have many effects, depending upon the social and economic logics that bring them to life. Surveillance capitalism relies on algorithms and sensors, machine intelligence and platforms, but it is not the same as any of those.'

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waiting for ragnorok now that the super blood wolf ate the dang moon

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biting the linens to test tensile strength and flavor

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sampling the sound of a nut busting and being praised as a musical genius

just raised $2B in seed capital through my latest venture with gwyneth paltrow selling "lung coldening" pills. warm lungs got ya down? not anymore folks!

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