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If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree.

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Got my GRE score: 167 verbal. Ninety-eighth percentile of grad school hopefuls. Oughta do it.

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So, ICYMI, I have been permanently suspended from Twitter for saying a very minor bad word at a racist. If you are still on the bird site and have not already done so, could you please share this link this morning so friends know how to find me? Thank you.

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I guess I should do a srs introduction: I write literary fiction. You can find everything I've got published / available here:

I also have an agent. We're revising a novel about an online fan community in the aftermath of the 2016 election and we're gonna pitch it soon. It's gonna be rad.

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about to watch spiderman: into the spider-verse, a documentary promoting the fringe "spiders all the way down" theory of matter

Anyway, funny how communist and anarchist writers and unions seem to agree writers should be paid, huh?

My friend Nick Mamatas, writer and anarchist of 30 years, points out that nobody who wants to get rid of wage labor wants to burn paychecks. But for some reason, when the convo is about IP and folks making pennies....

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One annoyance is trying to talk about something in depth while people pester you to “prove” the basics. Like, no. I don’t need to back up and teach you arithmetic if I wanna talk algebra. I don’t.

It might be weird, but Adam Driver being roughly my age and being at the top of his game craft-wise was one factor that kicked my ass into gear to get serious about writing. Like, it was always “someday, someday.”

Well, shit, no. Now.

My Son, Adam Driver, got an Oscar nom; still won’t pay 40 cents for mayo. A hero.

One annoyance is trying to talk about something in depth while people pester you to “prove” the basics. Like, no. I don’t need to back up and teach you arithmetic if I wanna talk algebra. I don’t.

“Why is x bad? Do you even have an argument?”

“X is bad” is usually a first principle and not an argument. 🤷‍♀️

And this is helped by the fact people think $9.99 is too damn much for a book, when it actually doesn’t cover a living wage for the people who made it.

If we don’t push back, Amazon’s gonna effectively own publishing. And we get good things from the structure publishing provides. At its best, publishing allows books that could not exist otherwise to exist. More in depth non-fiction, polished fiction. These are societal goods. And one company should not own that outright.

What you must know is that companies trying to create a monopoly sell at a loss in order to drive competitors (who can’t take a loss) out of business. Amazon does not care if other publishers lose money. They have their own traditional and self publishing arm.

So publishing has gone from a reasonably okay way to make a living to literally everybody, including editors, scrambling to break 20k.

What we need to understand is that Amazon owns about 40% of book sales in America right now and are taking steps to own the entire supply chain— from author to layout to printing to distribution.

Part of how they are doing that is artificially depressing the price of books, especially e-books. They got in early and priced them at $9.99 before e-books were really a thing and publishers discovered that did not really leave much wiggle room. And have not increased prices in a decade.

Some books DO get sold despite this. The Hate U Give got sold without a blockbuster 60+ weeks on the NYT bestseller antecedent. But the fact it was SO big now makes it hard to comp to. Convention says you can’t comp to the biggest book in the world. So a dearth of midlist Black (and other non-white) authors means people are forced to comp to the same 20 or so books over and over, and that’s a huge problem. Or worse, it’s a daring project and there just aren’t comps.

An article talking about the systemic barriers to non-white authors rooted in how books are sold to publishers:

Novels (less so non-fiction) is sold on comps: books similar to previous books. It’s proof the book has a market. It determines advances and whether the book gets acquired at all. So... what happens if nobody acquired books from non-white people quite like yours? What then?

My hair loves to tangle at the roots and there’s no way to brush it that does not hurt. D:

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Working on spec in writing is a little different. You still get paid, but the client tells you what to write and owns the rights. The complication is, they own something with your name on it and can release it in competition with work you still own. The pay is a more sure thing, but the trade off is that loss of future income and control. It’s hard to figure out how to price that and any additional ways to protect yourself.

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