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If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree.

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Got my GRE score: 167 verbal. Ninety-eighth percentile of grad school hopefuls. Oughta do it.

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So, ICYMI, I have been permanently suspended from Twitter for saying a very minor bad word at a racist. If you are still on the bird site and have not already done so, could you please share this link this morning so friends know how to find me? Thank you.

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I guess I should do a srs introduction: I write literary fiction. You can find everything I've got published / available here:

I also have an agent. We're revising a novel about an online fan community in the aftermath of the 2016 election and we're gonna pitch it soon. It's gonna be rad.

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Work tomorrow.

On novel submission next week.

This is the last day my life's gonna be like this.

Very surreal.

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From my perspective, the most provocative conversations to be had right now center around three things:

1. Sustainability
2. Safety
3. Lowering the entry barrier.

I think if we can do these particular aspects well, growth will take care of itself.

I think focusing on growth exclusively is just going to replicate the problems we've seen in other major social media platforms.

And at this point, it's just a good idea to try something else.

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Well, Pam Anderson is writing outright socialist stuff now.

Strange world.

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Wow, just found out about the Damascus goat, and folks, Google image search suggests "monster."

D-, do not recommend looking at.

So, thing I didn't do and I suggest new admins do if they've had time to lurk: DM admins you have a good impression of to say "hi!" Do it early! You won't regret it!

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if you look,.. liek.. this.., pleas.., ontact.., me..,

Husband and I have a minor version of the ick.

Looking forward to bedtime. Gonna lay out my clothes for WORK (!). Starting tomorrow.

Maybe I'll fill out my synopsis, play Persona, and go to bed.

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Pro tip: when the premier fascist conspiracy right now is called "Pizza Gate," maybe let the everyone in on your chat room cool kids' joke before you follow 100 queer normies with a dozen accounts with "Pizza" in the title.

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Is it a coincidence that drama (almost) always happens when i'm logged off? No. No it is not. My posts have a sedative effect and chill people out, i think

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if eugen catches you having fun on the tl he'll put you in the shadow realm he sent knzk to

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Poetry is an especially small world, and they will CUT you if you lift lines. Even if it's not from them. It is a good way to make sure you will never, ever have friends or a future where people look at your work.

Don't whine at me about how unfair that is.

The only exception to "you must attribute tweets and toots and other lines you lift" is if the writing is so bland it's not unique. In which case, why are you using it at all?

Yes, you have to attribute tweets or toots and ask permission and probably pay to use them.

You have to do it in a novel.

You ABSOLUTELY have to do it in poetry, because no matter how long the poem, chances are it's a substantial amount of work.

No amount of sarcasm is gonna save you from plagiarism (sans attribution) being frowned upon.

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