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I guess I should do a srs introduction: I write literary fiction. You can find everything I've got published / available here:

I also have an agent. We're revising a novel about an online fan community in the aftermath of the 2016 election and we're gonna pitch it soon. It's gonna be rad.

Seasonal video games:

Spring β€” Animal Crossing
Summer β€” Persona 4 Golden
Fallβ€” Night in the Woods
Winter β€” Harvest Moon

someday i will have a man booker prize, and then, THEN my unfollowers will pay

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It is October and you know what that means: pre-writing that good spoopy shit.

I love my group chat with the sweet, even-tempered socialist normie writers so much.

Like, oh, mutual respect and support and open appreciation. Wow.

Like, the opening on a novel can (should not, but can) take about a paragraph. A short story really must be dynamite from sentence one.

I'm more of a novel person than a short story person. They're two different muscles. Short stories are also SO short they must be really precise, so they're a bit harder than a chapter.

Something about drafting a novel or a story feels so grandiose. It's really satisfying to finish something.

woke up at 3am because i have the flu and my wife tells me that Sponge from salute your shorts is a republican and now i can't go back to sleep until i know the political leanings of the rest of the cast in hope it averages out

"Why do you give exfoliation your all?"

Lotsa skin, friend.

I accidentally committed a little too much to exfoliation and the good news is, a long-existing milia is gone, and the bad news is I look like I've been in the sun all day.

Me, looking at my home timeline, muttering "What in tarnation?"

and I will KEEP getting ribs added until I am the tallest person on earth, tall enough to look god in the eye when I sucker punch him

@ascannerburkely I realize this may be deeply unfair and inaccurate, but that's my brand, baby. Awooo (wolf noises).

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