I have to think the Apple crackdown is related to FOSTA / SESTA. It's changing the face of the internet very quickly.

I know that self-interest is like, the grossest way to get people to care, but isn't it interesting ("""interesting""") that a pair of bills nominally about human trafficking have targeted voluntary sex workers (including people in pornography) and is now splashing over onto basically anybody who trips a very poorly trained algorithm because you made a joke about Kirby not wearing pants?

Enforcement of FOSTA / SESTA is a goddamn privacy and expression nightmare. And this was bipartisan!


You must care about sex workers, because you are not doing work of an entirely different genus. Their interests are yours. Their rights are yours. And if you restrict their rights and speech, you better believe it'll impact you. Think about who rich people find obscene. It's everyone who isn't them.

I don't mean sex worker rights are your rights in a metaphorical way. There is mechanically no way to enforce punitive laws against sex work that don't harm every worker.

@some_qualia sex work is a combination of two free human activities: exchanging money for labor, and sexual interaction. the less capable sex workers are of doing these things online, the less capable *anyone* is of doing these things online.
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