I find it fascinating that the right and center has been hand-wringing about making sure "even Nazis" get to march in Skokie, but it is now impossible to say you are a lesbian on Facebook or use the word "cracker" on Twitter to refer to white people. 😐

Anyway, I'll try and tag from here on out, but the across the board crackdown on queer and lefties on social media over a very short period of time is very, very, very strange.

Like, a large material change in how we all live.

I just want to note this as something that is very different from 6 months ago. "This is not normal" got tiresome as a motto quickly, but... this is not normal.

I had some dude mansplaining to me about the 1st amendment and the ACLU in my replies to this, so wooooo.

If I did believe absolute free speech was a right (I do not, by the way), why would the government come into that at all? I wasn't granted human rights by the government. The government merely recognizes some of them.

And regardless, the inability for marginalized folk to freely associate has been greatly curtailed lately. If you think it's less alarming or harmful that corporations are doing it? Eff off.

"The first amendment doesn't apply to corporations."

Free speech is not synonymous with the first amendment. Also? Corporations shouldn't exist. As in, they should be collectively owned and the wealth of their owners redistributed.

Now what?

@some_qualia social media is mostly meaningless, but this stopped being about social media when the personalities managing the companies started getting really important and… yeah, the trends are… disturbing.

@some_qualia The streets of Skokie are public property. Facebook and Twitter are not. Facebook and Twitter have free speech right of their own, which the streets of Skokie do not. The ACLU, which most people don’t consider right or center, defended the free speech rights of the Nazis in Skokie — back in the 70’s.

@JohnDeliaNYC Why do you think I mentioned Nazis in Skokie if I didn't know a thing about it? Did I say "the first amendment" anywhere? Did I list the right AND center, or only the right?

I hope you are decorative, because you are a shit conversationalist and mind.

@some_qualia Your resort to ad hominem attacks speaks for itself. Presumably, if you’d had something substantive to say, you would have said it. I have worked in this area for many years and neither the center nor the conventional rights “wrings their hands” about government suppression of speech by Nazis or anyone else. They raise the issue only when *their* speech is limited or chilled. True defenders of first amendment
values are almost exclusively progressives.

@JohnDeliaNYC I said something of substance. That you did not read it is not my problem.

I did not say "the first amendment" at any point. At any point. Do you understand me? Freedom of expression as a concept pre-dates the Bill of Rights? John fucking Locke? Hello?

@JohnDeliaNYC I don't owe you substance because I have a degree in political science with a 3.9 in my major and a decade in government. And you are over there thinking everyone talking about freedom of expression is talking about the 1st Amendment and only the 1st Amendment.

You are, charitably, a huge dip masking the smell of what is rotting between your ears with a foul personality.

@JohnDeliaNYC You want someone to pretend you fortune cookie shit is worth their time, you pay someone. Plenty of women on you server willing to pretend for you. But if you are dumb as a box of rocks AND patronizing? I am not the free daycare for wayward dipshits.

You are dismissed. Go away or I will make you.

@some_qualia The “alt right”, on the other hand, worries about the rights of Nazis because, effectively, they *are* Nazis.

@some_qualia yeah i legit don't give a shit about that smug xkcd comic that kept getting posted everywhere,. liberalism is wild on trying to build principles out of technicalities

@vegetablegremlin @some_qualia “build principles out of technicalities” oh that’s good


"Corporations are people."

Ok, I just checked what happens to people who kill hundreds of other people and it turns out we haven't gotten around to doing that to any corporation-people yet.

@some_qualia This seems to be the Republican plan. Force the government to allow everything and then move the government's responsibilities to private corporations that are not bound by laws.

@some_qualia every time i use the word TERF on twitter i get suspended, too....

@some_qualia apparently teh nazis didn't even actually show up to march on skokie because counterprotesters were showing up too stron (and the counterprotesters were being banned from gathering after the nazis had already secured the right to, "lol" )

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