I find it fascinating that the right and center has been hand-wringing about making sure "even Nazis" get to march in Skokie, but it is now impossible to say you are a lesbian on Facebook or use the word "cracker" on Twitter to refer to white people. 😐

I had some dude mansplaining to me about the 1st amendment and the ACLU in my replies to this, so wooooo.

If I did believe absolute free speech was a right (I do not, by the way), why would the government come into that at all? I wasn't granted human rights by the government. The government merely recognizes some of them.

And regardless, the inability for marginalized folk to freely associate has been greatly curtailed lately. If you think it's less alarming or harmful that corporations are doing it? Eff off.


"The first amendment doesn't apply to corporations."

Free speech is not synonymous with the first amendment. Also? Corporations shouldn't exist. As in, they should be collectively owned and the wealth of their owners redistributed.

Now what?


"Corporations are people."

Ok, I just checked what happens to people who kill hundreds of other people and it turns out we haven't gotten around to doing that to any corporation-people yet.

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