I get a little emotional about how much I love writing. I love collaborating. I love accomplishing something.

My least favorite part is starting a new project and the unsure periods where I am not yet sure I have something special. But 2nd draft on? Some people really hate giving up control but I get to MAKE something with / for my FRIENDS.

I really do not understand anyone who is like "no, this is my VISION." Collaborating with people is the BEST part. Figuring out how to make someone who kinda liked it beg you for more chapters is the goddamn best.

Like, I won't write anything bad, but I'm not really like, a precious writer. I think I pushed back on one suggestion (agent said I gave away a twist, I disagreed that was the twist I wanted). Otherwise? I either accepted or pushed it further. Agent was like "this section in 2nd person is so strong and weird in the way we need it to be, but it's not consistent with other sections like it. Does it need to be?" and I was like "... I think I need to make the other sections like it second person."

And he was like "Oh... ALL second person?"

So like, I take critique. I love good critique.

And I think it's probably a surprise I love collaboration and I work really well with others, maybe, since I am kinda prickly with strangers. But like, that's kinda the difference. Consent and our relationship matter!

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