I don't want to know what anyone thinks about me unless it's nice, ty


On a forum like social media I think the only thoughts we should be sharing with comrades are both honest and positive.

There might be a place for sincere criticism - but it's from people a lot closer to you and better trusted than is possible on social media.

@VryKranky I agree, but I think comrade is a relationship and not a political alignment.


Agreed, I don't have caveats on solidarity.

I have a personal praxis that governs how I act. I follow it because I believe it's the right thing to do.

So even if I have clashed with a person or disagree with them?

If it's needed I'll still say "are you ok?" and offer the same solidarity as I would someone I consider a friend.

Though usually they don't want it, the offer is there and sincere.

Thats me, others will operate to their own praxis.


Of course real life can make even simple praxis very complicated very quickly on the ground when you add a few people.

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