One thing I fear about success (and I may be jumping the gun here): a lot of scholarship on women writers is uncomfortably biographical and about their bodies. I do not want anyone going to my family. My family have been telling a story about me since I was 2 (just like alcoholic grandma-- I was 2, ffs) I would like to be left out of.

Like, Shirley Jackson's scholarship is about her weight (and focus on food in her books) and her mom, and like... excuse me?

Or there's a description of Shirley Jackson's soft jaw (she was very ill) when she kissed a man she loved who she never got to marry.

Or Plath's everything.

Like... dudes. Only DFW gets this treatment, and it's cause he was mentally ill.

@some_qualia i hate how much coverage of writers is gendered, how much the stories people write gets categorized based on gender ("confessional" gtfo)

@amydentata I know everyone will know I am femme because I use my initials, but seriously, fuck gender. Like, fuck it if I wasn't NB, but it makes me EXtra dysphoric when it's non-optional gynecological exams of my work.

@amydentata Like, yes, I write what I know, like every other fuckin' man on the planet. It's fiction.

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