I really do not get the strong aversion to Marie Kondo. I can understand not being into the aesthetic of the thing, but I routinely see people misrepresent what she says (she does not say to throw out all your books??) or call her Jordan Peterson for women (... she’s not a Jungian cryptofash????).

Her method wouldn’t work particularly well for people with OCD or hoarding problems, but for people who never learned organization as a skill, she’s completely harmless. IDGI.

@some_qualia my ADHD therapist suggested I watch her show and I actually find it to be quite helpful

@some_qualia me neither, i think it's a typical example how *everything* has to be made problematic nowadays

tell people to clean up? what horrible fascist scum

people know they can just *ignore* advice they don't like… right? instead of always having to mobilize a mob or something (and giving it attention that way !)

@alkahest I mean, Jordan Peterson is actual brainless trash for racists who want to feel smart and Marie Kondo has more substance than he'll ever have.

@some_qualia i believe you, i've honestly never paid attention to it, seemed another self help fad

@some_qualia Wait, what does Jung have to do with fash? That’s new on me.

Also, agreed on Kondo.

@tbeckett I mean, Jordan Peterson is a Jungian and a fash, so the connection there is Jordan Peterson.

I must say he's a particularly mush mouthed and incoherent one, and Jung not having a whole hell of a lot of substance gives Peterson a lot of leeway to have even less and make a career of it.

@some_qualia He’s very adept at making right wing arguments sound reasonable. A forked tongue.

@some_qualia I honestly, sincerely think a lot of the "grrr Marie Kondo" stuff is rooted in racism & misogyny. Just flat out, if it was a white dude saying the same stuff a lot of these critics would take no issue with it.

@some_qualia Also: if you’re into thrifting, this is going to be a very good year. Thanks, Kondo-san!

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