So, I’m on Twitter, and see someone warning people away from me with a fabricated thing I did not say, so I basically block and use them as an example of stuff that’s happened here that makes me less than enchanted.

A friend went and did die diligence and their timeline has stuff like “believe me, MK, if I don’t like what you are saying, you WILL know.”

I... don’t know this person.

So yeah, I’m not super enchanted with this experience because some of y’all have... problems.

Like, do you guys think that maybe having a weird hatedom about a person is gonna breed some weird shit? Maybe? 😑


Anyway, PLEASE find a different topic? Your shit’s attracting flies.

Like, I’m sure some of y’all would throw a party if I go, but if I go because your nonsense is fully compatible with delusional stalkers, maybe that’s not a win.

Anyway: I am way happier when I don’t have to think about y’all, so if you could please be somewhat less creepy so I don’t have to, I would sure appreciate it.

@pippasaidwhat I mean, if I start to worry about my safety, I will have to be out.

@some_qualia that would be understandable, i wouldn't hold your safety against you. that's just harsh. 💜

also, let me know if there's anyone in my followers who might be trying to read your stuff via my responses... or however the fuck it works. is that a thing?

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