Like, let’s be super clear: I do not know the person on the left, and this is creepy. I went thrhough the follow list to block followers, and while I know tho the person on the right is, and while they are a minor... this is like, deeply fucked up.

I shouldn’t have to worry about my safety because people I blocked or don’t know have something wrong with them.

Like, I don’t know what else to say. Like, figure out your people before they stab someone in the face or something. Don’t defend this shit to me, don’t blame me for their disturbed behavior. Reign these people in before they hurt someone.

@some_qualia if what he said about his age is true, he may just be smarting because he can't see what you're saying about him - and is assuming it's extra insulting.

@pippasaidwhat I have no fucking clue what that person’s age is or what their deal is, but there are many, many posts about me on their Twitter timeline and I do not know them, and I’m not like, less stalked because the creepy fuck’s a teen. They know better. Fuck them.

@pippasaidwhat Like, if a minor is violent, they are less culpable, but people are NOT less hurt by their violence.

@some_qualia it only lets me read so far due to my lack of account. ugh. sorry, i didn't mean to make it sound less fucked.

@pippasaidwhat It’s a lot. Like, it takes a lot to be more fucked up than Twitter, and good job, some people found it.

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