The healthiest way to prove someone wrong about a bad experience with Mastodon is an obsessive meltdown. That will sure show them.

@some_qualia Comrades remind comrades to make liberal and unannounced use of the Mute button.

@2HourWorkday mute button has been used, but I have people who I have blocked stalking my accounts and occasionally I find out about it and am irritated and disturbed!

@some_qualia I meant to suggest the mute button to whomever is having a metldown, not to you. :)

@some_qualia I guess I was imagining you were referring to someone who was upset about someone else and I was saying it's preferable to use the mute button than to have a dramatic confrontation; though, I realize you may not have been referencing that type of scenario, in retrospect.

@2HourWorkday well, what people do instead is the block or mute but still obsessively gossip, which is in no way extremely disturbing.

@some_qualia Yeah. That sounds like the activity of someone suffering from very strong, painful, and conflicted emotions. I hope they sort themselves out and stop causing you grief. That sucks.

@2HourWorkday that might be a strongish word, but it’s, uh, def on the shallow end of that spectrum.

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