Neil Gaiman has a class he is putting on that seems like a real trash fire (4 hour series of videos, $90 for access) that people are mistaking for an in-depth writing course that will give them a leg up and are desperately trying to crowd fund.

So I might throw together a legit list of good resources (paid and free) in a blog post or something. Because yikes.


Just generally, I would be super wary of a class claiming to teach you about publishing, because publishing changes constantly and it’s more like a culture than something static you can learn. It’s also not something really big established megastar authors really have to think about much.

King’s On Writing is a great craft book. I would not ask him how to sell a book, and nothing he sells you is gonna give you a leg up.

Be less wary of classes taught by current agents and editors because, well, you are gonna see those same faces a lot. A lot a lot.

@some_qualia I haven't tried publishing anything, but it's interesting to hear this perspective on the industry. Definitely not obvious from the outside.

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