Washed my hair and now it’s less “I edited for 18 of the last 24 hours, I am so tired.”

(Selfies, eye contact)

Some of you will assume I am calling my partner flatulent.

A clever misdirect.

You see, it is I who—

They're just difficult to write. You gotta do all these tasks and there's not a lot of room for creativity.

Thankfully, there are tools you can use! I find this really helpful.


(picture is of an outlining tool; visually impaired users, see explanation in link).

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My agent is working on my book today and he paused to tell me he loved a line close to the end of the book (I love when he loves stuff I write) and uggggh this is the final pass and I get to read the final version today I am sooooo exciteddddd

I only just saw this, and I must say: what the fuck?

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This is not what we're fixing to do.

(violence threat, Republican nonsense)

Fuzzy morning. (Selfie with husband, eye contact, big hair)

Forbidden, cursed knowledge: baby Marilyn Manson was stinkin’ adorable.

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Vacation pics, mofos!

(Eye contact; my husband and I at the Alamo)

Me: You’re in my light!
Him: Sorry, selfie queen.
Me: Not a queen. Barely a princess.

(Selfie, eye contact)

Milk bottle: If a cow laughed, would milk come out of its nose?

Me: No, a cow does not drink milk. A cow produces milk. Unless it is a baby cow, but that is called a calf. You fools. You absolute jokes.

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