Like, let’s be super clear: I do not know the person on the left, and this is creepy. I went thrhough the follow list to block followers, and while I know tho the person on the right is, and while they are a minor... this is like, deeply fucked up.

I shouldn’t have to worry about my safety because people I blocked or don’t know have something wrong with them.

Here is Adam Driver’s first media appearance. He made the local newspaper because the high school cafeteria was charging 40 cents for a packet of mayonnaise, and that was some serious bullshit.

Poem thread? Poem thread. Image texts behind url. I’ll CW and hide certain ones. Gonna make subsequent replies locked so only this post can be boosted.

Start with Wild Geese by Mary Oliver again.

Yeah, well, on what should have been a really happy day for me, when I announced some really fucking good news, I find out someone is out there telling people that a working artist with a political philosophy degree and financial expertise “doesn’t know anything about communism.”

Whatver you are, @Absolutely_Blakely, it’s not a communist.

Leave me alone. Y’all are miserable and ignorant and sucking the joy out of other people isn’t gonna fix you.

Mary Oliver wrote my very favorite poem, the one that is my heart on a platter.

She will be missed.

(text of pic behind link)

Super legit agent (I can vouch for her) looking for a Black artist for a series of picture books. No experience required. Contact info in her Twitter bio! Photo text behind link.

Attn: @Curator !

Here is my “I did it! I’m getting pancakes!” face.

(eye contact)

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If the headline asks a question (in this case, “Does writing pay?”) the answer is always “no.”

Pay writers. It’s a full time job.

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