@shoutcacophony @Lumb It is basically all people from Twitter.

As a Twitter person: Sorry!!!

@shoutcacophony @Lumb Anyway, I tell people and if they believe me, fine.

If they don't, they can wait a couple weeks and they'll be next.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb Absolutely. Turns out the super fucking abusive person went after mods first so that when mods talk about their behavior, they can dismiss it as just drama.

I'm sure it's all an accident and not at all calculated.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb Yeah, I have no beef with anarchists, I only mentioned this because it's a fucking egregious irony.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb And I own some of that, but I have to say, I have kept really fucking quiet about this despite a bunch of people really hanging out with someone who was very openly vicious to me in an unprovoked way. But the constant drama, which I am not involved with, is getting to me.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb @killeveryhetero And this is not helpful, but I am really fuckin' disappointed that a bunch of like, mostly anarchists created a ha ha only serious "deep state" social hierarchy with an abuser at the top.

Good job, you're a Palahniuk novel.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb @killeveryhetero And I have personally been bullied by people in that friend group, and I had someone in that group tell me I was "inventing a boogeyman." And another not mad, laughing actually.

I do not wanna deal with this toxicity. I don't. I need online stuff as an outlet and to a far lesser extent my career. I hope someone will take this to heart and not keep doing this, but I really doubt it.

I'm gonna have to figure out a way to mod and also disengage.

@shoutcacophony @Lumb @killeveryhetero That's a really good point. I am willing to concede it's definitely an intersection, but generally, "thing x IS thing y" rather than "these things have a lot of things in common" tends to go over really poorly. I've never been able to get around it even with identities I have.

But yeah, I saw people make joke posts about kin who, whatever people feel about them, are completely harmless, and it was really awful and not what I come here for.

@anthonydavis @killeveryhetero If you can't be sincere in response to this, save it. I'll go to 4chan and do some kind of smug madlib.

@anthonydavis @killeveryhetero This isn't an argument. I've personally been treated like shit by your admin, as an admin I've had to deal with shit you don't know about because y'all are really super toxic to people. If you wanna hide behind glib, cool.

If y'all could figure out how not to treat people like shit so I don't have to hear about it all. the. fucking. time, I'd appreciate it. Like I say, I've had to deal with y'all personally before and I don't like thinking about it.

@killeveryhetero @anthonydavis @Lumb Hey, so, I'm pretty solid in what I have personally seen and been through, and while I appreciate that you are disengaging, gaslighting me is really destructive and I hope you'll figure out how to treat people better than that.

@anthonydavis @killeveryhetero Yes yes, it's very funny. You are so glib and cool. I'm very impressed. You could bring that show to gab. They love that shit.

@killeveryhetero @anthonydavis @Lumb If you don't wanna have the rep of a vicious hive mind, don't act like one.

oh good, I'll just go invalidate the normie members who came to me literally scared and who still have their accounts locked down and tell them they're wrong and dumb because a chat with a rep for bullying people and not giving a shit thinks it's no big.

@anthonydavis @Lumb @killeveryhetero I'm beginning to have to count on two hands how many people y'all have targeted. And at a certain point? I don't believe you anymore. You made a bully your admin. You look for people to hurt for fun. You don't care who else gets hurt.

The problem is you.

@anthonydavis @Lumb @killeveryhetero I had to spend, like, the morning dealing with kinda freaked out people explaining to them that, like, no the Pizza accounts aren't a pizzagate thing. Y'all created spam lists with a right-wing code word because you're all best friends and you're part of a "deep state" that, let's be real, y'all 100% believe and enjoy.

@anthonydavis @Lumb @killeveryhetero Hi, I saw y'all all as a group start bullying your Victims of the Week on the TL.

My first encounter with your admin was them bullying me. And then you had Gargon this week, which, I mean, who cares about Gargon, but it's not because y'all CARE about anything. You just like hurting people and Lumb's the latest person who "deserves" it.

I know it's funny to you. It's a glib, vicious culture you've got going there.

@Lumb @killeveryhetero What's really messed up is that "Don't, this hurt my feelings" should have been enough for your friends, and it wasn't. So you had to justify it with other stuff. But I think they weren't good friends.

@Lumb @killeveryhetero I'm gonna tell you, I am mentally ill and I sure wish I could use black cop deaths as a benchmark for my mental illness.

But I absolutely cannot. It's really hurtful. I'm sorry what's happened, but it's gonna hurt people's feelings because it makes them feel like their pain's a benchmark.

That make sense?

@killeveryhetero @Lumb Because I am really, really tired of a group of people who obviously need a victim of the week who deserves it.

Funny how there's always a new victim.

Like, I would strongly advise Lumb to let each marginalization stand on its own.

But I'm sorry, I saw a lot of the stuff just shitting on kin on the TL, and it's just a bunch of bullies. And there'll be someone else next week. I'm sure they'll deserve it too.

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