@Redseebee@mastodon.cloud and i’m Not mad at her, I want her creepy ass to find a different way of treating people, because stalker bully isn’t fucking cute

@Redseebee@mastodon.cloud and if you were 18 on 4chan being a piece of shit, i’d Have told you to fuck off, too. Nobody has to put up with or like anybody’s abuse.

@Redseebee@mastodon.cloud 1) she’s an adult. 2) I had to spend part of the day dealing with one of her creepy friends who obsessively posts about me on Twitter, and when blocking him on Twitter, I found this is her display name.

How many weeks has it been?

She IS a shitty adult. Super fucking creepy.

@Redseebee@mastodon.cloud maybe just be considerate of the people she bullies? Idk

@Redseebee@mastodon.cloud I just think someone who bullies furries isn’t Mastodon’s anything

@KitsuneAlicia But at least she can’t talk big about being ready for adult friendships and then hide behind “i’m Three” when she decides to be a creepy person

@KitsuneAlicia Her Twitter handle is complaining about me. She’s a shitty adult now. Congrats to her on accountability day.

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So Eve is 18 now? Meh. Good for her, I suppose.

Still not gonna follow her furry-hating ass.

Anyway, now that she’s an adult: her and her friends stalking me on Twitter is gross and creepy, thanks.

Be less wary of classes taught by current agents and editors because, well, you are gonna see those same faces a lot. A lot a lot.

Just generally, I would be super wary of a class claiming to teach you about publishing, because publishing changes constantly and it’s more like a culture than something static you can learn. It’s also not something really big established megastar authors really have to think about much.

King’s On Writing is a great craft book. I would not ask him how to sell a book, and nothing he sells you is gonna give you a leg up.

Neil Gaiman has a class he is putting on that seems like a real trash fire (4 hour series of videos, $90 for access) that people are mistaking for an in-depth writing course that will give them a leg up and are desperately trying to crowd fund.

So I might throw together a legit list of good resources (paid and free) in a blog post or something. Because yikes.

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