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@some_qualia 🙂 how this usually goes:

*any complaint about pleroma*

"this clearly is false, pleroma is superior tech to mastodon!"

"...i wasn't talking about its codebase, its development process, its QA (if it has any), what server it uses or what the color of the two primary dev's eyes are, i was talking about channer influx and online social patterns, but ok."

*continues talking about technology*

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It is honestly a blessing if you don't have the horsepower to bullshit well. Almost nobody does. Think of it as freeing!

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Indignantly screaming "Do you know who I am???" at myself every morning.

Leave "You don't know me" for Jerry Springer.

I don't need to know you. You've never done anything I need to know about..

I don't want to. What kind of person can't say "fuck Nazis?" ffs.

LMAO the Pleroma people are very mad I don't know who they are and am judging them from just what they say and do directly in front of me.

"Don't you know who I am?"

Sweethearts, I am an adult with a job and a life. Of course I don't know who you are. FFS.

Imagine thinking I have to do a doctorate on every inarticulate mess with an open source project before noticing they can't say "fuck Nazis" without tripping over their own ass.


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"adult content consumers are 22 percent of our sample," the study said. "At the time of the study, roughly 30 million active accounts were consuming adult content, either re-sharing it or following the accounts of those producers,"

the study found that Tumblr's userbase was more female than many social networks ("we estimate that the average user age is 26 and 72 percent of the users are female," they wrote.) They found that these demographics held up between porn consumers and non porn consumers on the site, and that, in fact, young women between the ages of 20-25 were consuming porn on the site at a higher rate than young men

Also: if you are full of shit, do not get into a conversation with me. I will have you saying stuff like, "If Gargon doesn't denounce Nazis, why should I?" You will tell on yourself.

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Based on facebook's new "community standards," I could be banned for talking about my PhD dissertation because it includes frank discussions of sex and sexuality. Cool, cool cool.

Anyway: bad first impression. Bad second impression. Wormy, inarticulate, dishonest, and not nearly bright enough to sell the shit they are shoveling.

If you can't figure out how to say "Fuck Nazis, fuck pedophiles, fuck TERFs," you can either copy and paste from this post or hire somebody with guts and a working brain.

I dgaf about Pleroma or its devs. My first observation of kaniini was noticing how many "bullshit" red flags were in a statement they gave. Since then, they have jumped on a completely different thread and whined about how GARGON doesn't denounce Nazis.

1) He does. 2) Aim a little higher than store brand Gargon.

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"we wont condemn pedophiles or abusers on our platform/instance in fact we will hire them and let nazis defend us because because... uh.... gargron does bad things sometimes"

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“You don’t know me!!!”

Do I need to?

Why would I want to?

Serial abuser, sexual assault, LB Show more

Serial abuser, sexual assault, LB Show more

@some_qualia Also, whenever someone tells you you need to up the stakes of a conflict, they don’t mean to put someone in more physical danger. They mean make the conflict more personal and the choices more mutually exclusive and final.

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@Trev brb claiming Antarctica for the penguins

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Imagine coming to Mastodon from Tumblr not knowing anything about it and "claiming it for the gays"

Sweetie, no. It's already a royal rainbow in here. Have a seat, let me pour you some tea

The conflict in your pitch should be between two specific, concrete, and *mutually exclusive* things.

“When Sarah meets CEO Jack, she must choose between love and her dreams” is meh. There’s no connective tissue. How are those things mutually exclusive? But: “When small bookstore owner Sarah goes to a community event and hits it off with Jack, she thinks she might have found The One. But when she learns he’s the CEO of the megacorp that’s been trying to acquire her store....”

That’s the stuff.

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