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The only place where I belong is in creative communities, and I think that's okay.

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this is unprompted but its a thing i see come up sometimes and was thinking about so

hey um, reminder that artists, musicians, game devs, etc etc are allowed to advertise themselves

there’s a big difference between a multimillion-dollar corporation, and a person trying to survive capitalism

please dont treat both as if they’re the same thing

This is one of those "it's hard to con an honest man" type deals. It'd be really hard to have this system if everyone weren't just thrilled to let their neighbors starve. But they kinda are.

Like, on the one hand, we'd be in a completely different capitalist nightmare because capitalism is evil full stop, but we are notably in this one because we're like "I want content, but only if the people who create it starve to death unless they steal and sell my identity for food."

The internet basically proved ads are not cost effective so entire content-producing industries collapsed and now they're trying to become more efficient by gathering and selling all your info through ads spying on you, but the saddest thing is that info is worth, in total, like $1.12.

And we all chose this because early internet was like "wanna pay $1.12?" and everyone was like "lmao, no."

Everyone else: Now, it's not all a bed of roses. There's gonna be a lo—


Every time someone warns me something isn't that good or needs a lot of work (success, money, marriage, sex, writing milestones): nope, it's goddamn fantastic.

When I was querying I used like to be like, “having an agent is gonna be the BEST,” but let me tell you: Show more

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(ok, this is an actual subtoot) criticism about privilege discourse and unity Show more

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People in relationships on TV talk in full sentences and never gently hit each other with socks while saying “bap,” which is just unrealistic.

Media discourse, stalking Show more

People in relationships on TV talk in full sentences and never gently hit each other with socks while saying “bap,” which is just unrealistic.

Honestly, what I think I need to do to get through this next novel is, well, focus on the fun things. Two people who are friends despite a history. Two women who are sisters despite theirs. A house the sisters believed is haunted. A parrot with a knife.

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mario kondo making you sort out your fucking shit. putting all of your junk down a large pipe in the ground. jumping on it to make it go away.

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Thinking about writing a book so I can get royalty and then guillotine them.

I wish I had been joking, but my brain was p. sure that was an answer

Husband: I wonder how much you gotta pay for Oprah to laugh in your commercial?

Me: Hundreds!

the draft I queried was 82k and this draft is 99k.

And I cut 20k of that 1st draft.

So we re-wrote 1/3rd of the dang thing since March 2018.

And it's DONE. We did it!!!!!

I thought about the very basic concept for about 18 months and wrote the actual 1st chapter in November of 2017. So 14+ months of solid work. And until it's sold, I am D O N E.

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