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Rules are still a work in progress.

This is a pro-Communist, antifascist space. Administration (@some_qualia) is committed to proactively creating a place where comrades (including comrades who are not white and who are members of the LGBTQ+ community) feel welcome. No Nazis, no Nazbols, no TERFs, no SWERFs.

As the intention of this space is to make friends and build solidarity, this is not a "dunking" instance. "Dunking," especially on comrades, especially comrades in the instance, may lead to being silenced or suspended from the instance. Generally, if you do not like someone, do not @ them. Generally, if you must speak about them in a negative light, do no talk about them where they can see you. Exceptions made as necessary for site governance, healthy discussion, and public figures.

As a matter of policy (and because moderation cannot reasonably disallow discussion of public figures), celebrities and brands will be suspended from the instance. Exceptions may be made at moderation's discretion.

These are principles, not rules. Past history, extenuating circumstances, material power imbalances, and sincerity will be weighed. Conversely, rules lawyering will not work, and clear misconduct or mistreatment not listed here will be moderated.

Generally, be a comrade. Don't bicker over schisms in Communist traditions— not everyone's your people, not everyone's read everything you have or lived your life, and that's okay. Use content warnings. Don't post anything that'll get your comrades or yourself arrested. Have fun. Make friends.