CWs aren’t censorship.

You aren’t giving people medicine by refusing to use them. Your takes aren’t the real world, so people aren’t avoiding the real world if they don’t wanna see every take you have. Climb out of your own ass for just a minute, FFS.

Most of you have been here, like, 5 days. You come from a website with a shitty culture to one with a good one. Maybe adopt the norms that make it not suck.

@some_qualia i agree with this so ahrd

i'm trying to make sure i do good here and i'm really nervous about fucking up and doing things outside of this lovely culture cause i fed into twitter's shitty stuff worse than i ever wanted to

@some_qualia At most, it's clunky UI, but censorship? Please.

Books are censorship now, because you have to turn the page to see text. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

@some_qualia What's the context for CWs as censorship? In the best of faith, I'm having trouble seeing that angle for such a low barrier to access.

@Jewbacchus People complaining the norm of using CWs liberally (and the irritation with newbies who refuse to learn the norm) amounts to censorship.

I’m arguing theirs is a bad freaking argument and I refuse to play devil’s advocate on their behalf.

@some_qualia Sorry, I'm finding a few instances and yeah, that seems off base.

@some_qualia the number of people telling me how Mastodon is supposed to work...


I know they are new and exuberant, but... just...

@thegibson I am also brand new here!

But these norms are not rocket science! Really!

@thegibson Twitter really encourages a weird norm of everyone shouting every thought they have on a street corner of the Internet and if you don’t like it, well, eff you buddy, move along.

So they get to Mastodon where you might have to use indoor voices or be considered rude and they think any etiquette at all that says “think of other people” is onerous.

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@some_qualia it's like... literally the exact opposite of censorship. it's giving you *more* information about the thing that you are about to be reading so that you can make a more informed choice about whether or not to read it.

@8thing Yep. It is using your indoor voice so as not to bother people who don’t want in on the convo. That’s it.

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